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What we will do will prove what we believe in and we are determined and are working hard on creating and offering a website portal about Bali that serves visitors, Balinese, and business owners.

First, we will create a comprehensive one-stop tourism destination portal that goes far beyond simply reselling some villas. And we will offer business owners the opportunity to get highly relevant and very affordable online exposure. This will allow also the smaller locally owned businesses to address the international community and present themselves and their products.

Then, we will integrate step by step content that concerns Bali not only as a tourism destination, but as home to 4 mio Indonesians and thousands of expatriates that live here and make a living. We will invite stakeholders to speak up and publish what they have to say, what their plans are and how they see the future of Bali and how it can be supported.

Welcome to the digital, international “Voice of Bali”.

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